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We are Mechtech Maintenance

Mech-Tech Maintenance Pty Ltd is a highly reliable maintenance company providing labour and maintenance requirements in the mining, construction and agriculture industries. With a combined work experience of over 20 years in the mining, construction and workshop settings, the shareholders and Directors ensure that we provide the required services to our clients within the set times without compromising the safety and quality of our work.

We’re a dedicated and reliable labour provider with a passion to help our customers to achieve their targets and safety standards. All our employees are highly skilled and trained in all the services that we provide to our clients. Our aim is to provide maintenance solutions safely and do it once and right the first time to reduce downtime and maximise the productivity of our clients set targets. One of our company values is to maintain our integrity- maintaining the quality of being honest, having strong moral principles, and always doing what we say we will do.

We provide quality packages from regular service maintenance schedules optimising the reliability of your machinery or equipment, midlife repairs and most importantly the rebuilds of your equipment to keep your projects running 24/7 with less downtime.

Every time you need extra labour or any maintenance service you can always rely on us 24/7 anywhere at any time.


Misson Statement

Mech-Tech maintenance is forcused on providing quality manpower and maintenance solutions to maximise our customer’s productivity while aiming for quality work outcomes and the safety of our Technicians.


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OUR Services

Rebuilds Heavy Mobile Equipment

Mech-Tech maintenance services is a thriving company that is able to rebuild heavy Mobile equipment and components to a high standard in the safest and ......

Planned Maintenance Services

Mech-Tech has a wide range of service expertise to meet our customers needs. Scheduled maintenance and planned shutdowns are necessary to maintain ...

Field Service

Mech-Tech Maintenance Field Service Support Technicians are fully qualified, fully equipped and job ready. Our Field Technicians hold all relevant work documentation such as Police clearance .......

Rostered Labor Support

Here at Mech-Tech Maintenance, we provide rostered labor to various mine site maintenance departments to meet staffing needs. Mech-Tech maintenance ......

Mobile Equipment Shut Down Support

Mech-Tech Maintenance provide competent teams to safely and efficiently execute planned/unplanned Heavy Mobile Equipment outages or shutdowns.

Onsite Mechanical Repairs

Coming Soon