What We Offer

With our mining industry expertise, we provide all major heavy equipment, onfield, off-field, and labour requirements to any mining and construction services.

Rebuilds (Components and Machinery) Heavy Mobile Equipment

Mechtech maintenance services is a thriving company that is able to rebuild heavy Mobile equipment and components to a high standard in the safest and most timely manner to meet customer needs. Comprised of highly trained and over 20 years of experienced technicians of former OEM manufacturer caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Sandvik, Epiroc, Liebherr plus much more. Mech-teach is able to offer these skills to the industry at such a time as this at a competitive price. We are confident to handle any jobs that can be thrown at us and we can guarantee that you will never be disappointed.


With a proven track record of components rebuilds in engines, transmissions, final drives, valves, brake assemblies, Cylinders, Struts (suspension Cylinders), Differential Units, accumulators, Pump Drives, Torque Convertors, and including complete machine rebuilds.

We pride ourselves in having labour solutions Regarding providing skilled technicians, we are just a phone call away. We understand the demand for safety and compliance measures when it comes to working on the mine sites and several workshops, which is why we rely on our highly skilled and experienced workforce to complete all major jobs with high regard for safety.

As well as their outstanding skill, our technicians have demonstrated an ability to train and mentor those around them, which means they leave a workplace more capable than when they found it.


Planned Maintenance Services

Mech-Tech has a wide range of service expertise to meet our customers needs. Scheduled maintenance and planned shutdowns are necessary to maintain healthy and reliable equipment with a reduced mean time between failures. Mech-teach has the labour solutions to meet that needs of our customers from our workforce skills and with its technicians over 20years experience on various equipment, we are never short of personal.


Our employees specialise in Surface, Construction, and Underground Earthmoving equipment and are available to suit your specific roster setups with both DIDO and FIFO options available.

Mech-tech mechanical services has proven experience to be able to handle services on several equipments to a high standard. Starting from the condition monitoring and scheduled oils sampling to components change out and the scheduled major services. Including engine tune-ups and various components/maintenance strategies to Improve equipment reliability.

Mech-Tech Mechanical services will conduct an end-to-end process with comprehensive testing if required and change out any components and accessories in order to restore the machine back to OEM specifications.

Whatever type of mobile equipment and where ever it might be, Mech Tech is committed to offering that much needed value-adding service guarantee through our accountable and hard-working technicians.


Field Services

Mech-Tech Maintenance Field Service Support Technicians are fully qualified, fully equipped and job ready. Our Field Technicians hold all relevant work documentation such as Police clearance, comprehensive Medicals, high-risk work licences, reliability and employee compensation insurance coverage.


Our Field Service Technicians have extensive experience and expertise required to complete critical maintenance and repair works within schedule and minimal equipment down while. Most of our Field Service support Technicians are OEM trained and they therefore follow OEM guidelines and specifications when completing every Job resulting in superior work quality and high equipment reliability

Mech-Tech Field Service Support Vehicles (Utes) are mine spec compliant and fully loaded with tooling and equipment to meet most Diesel Powered mining equipment jobs. 

Mech-Tech Maintenance Field Service Support provide maintenance and repairs services for the following:

  • Digger and Drill Specialists
  • Underground Drills, Loaders and Truck 
  • Auto Electricians
  • Planned shutdown support
  • Component changeout support
  • Mobile plant rebuild support
  • Planned maintenance, servicing, and repair support


You need Field Service Support Technicians, Please contact us today.


Rostered Labor Support

Here at Mech-Tech Maintenance, we provide rostered labor to various mine site maintenance departments to meet staffing needs. Mech-Tech maintenance Technicians are highly qualified, skilled and safely execute work within schedule on underground and Surface mining and construction earthmoving equipment. Our skilled Technicians are available to suit your specific roster requirement and can be deployed quiet rapidly.


Our technicians hold all relevant documentation such as Police clearance, comprehensive Medicals, high-risk work licences, reliability and employee compensation insurance cover.

Our employees consist of:

  • Diggers and Drill Specialist
  • Auto Electricians
  • HD Diesel Mechanics with expertise in
    • Surface Mining Loaders and Trucks,
    • Underground Loaders, Drills and Trucks
    • Graders and Dozers


Mobile Equipment Shut Down Support

Mech-Tech Maintenance provide competent teams to safely and efficiently execute planned/unplanned Heavy Mobile Equipment outages or shutdowns. We support several mine sites here in WA to execute planned/ unplanned mobile equipment shutdowns. 

Our skilled shutdown experts’ teams can complete small to large scale component change-out operations while complying with OEM and industrial procedures, specifications, and stringent safety requirement and standards.


When it comes to on-site equipment shutdowns, Mech-Tech Maintenance has earned an excellent reputation across mine sites leading to increased demand for our shut down teams.

Our skilled and hardworking technicians have good experience executing shutdown work on Sandvik, Epiroc, Komatsu, Liebherr, Hitachi, Caterpillar, and other mining and earth-moving equipment.

Whether you need major component change out, midlife or complete heavy mobile equipment rebuilds, our highly skilled shutdown Teams are ready to get the job done


Frequently Asked Questions

Mining maintenance is the process of repairing and maintaining equipment, machinery, and facilities used in mining operations.  .To guarantee the effective and secure operation of mining equipment, proper maintenance procedures are essential. In order to avoid malfunctions, increase equipment longevity, and lessen the need for frequent replacements, it entails routine inspections, cleaning, and repairs. Other facilities like workshops and office buildings may also require maintenance, including painting, plumbing, electrical repairs, and HVAC care. Overall, maintaining mining equipment is a crucial part of mining operations that increases output and reduces downtime.


  • Safety: Ensuring that mining equipment is safe to use is the major goal of maintenance. Equipment that has been properly maintained is less likely to result in mishaps and worker injuries.
  • Reliability: The hostile environments that mining equipment must endure include high temperatures, dust, and vibration. Equipment reliability can be increased by proper maintenance procedures, which can minimise downtime and the probability of unplanned malfunctions.
  • Efficiency: Proper maintenance can enhance the functionality of mining equipment, resulting in more effective operation. As a result, productivity may rise, energy usage may decline, and operating expenses may go down.
  • Savings: Good maintenance methods can aid in spotting minor faults before they turn into severe ones, lowering repair costs and avoiding the need for pricey equipment replacements.
  • Compliance: Mining businesses are required by law in many jurisdictions to keep their facilities and equipment up to a specific standard. Fines and other penalties may be imposed for breaking these rules.


For a variety of reasons, shutdown processes are crucial in any industrial or manufacturing sector, including mining operations. First of all, they aid in ensuring that machinery is shut down properly, lowering the possibility of worker mishaps or injuries. Second, effective shutdown processes can guard against damage, extending the equipment’s lifespan and lowering maintenance expenses. Thirdly, turning off equipment while it’s not in use can help you save energy and money on maintenance. Fourthly, failing to follow shutdown protocols may result in fines and other penalties from regulatory agencies. In conclusion, effective shutdown processes are crucial for preparing equipment for maintenance or repairs and for making maintenance employees’ jobs simpler and safer.


Mining field services provide maintenance, repair, and installation of equipment and machinery used in mining operations. Field services companies offer technical support, equipment inspections, on-site repairs and maintenance, parts replacement, and equipment upgrades. They work with mining companies to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs, and are available 24/7 to provide support whenever needed. Mining field services are crucial for ensuring that mining operations remain efficient and productive, minimizing downtime, reducing costs, and maximizing productivity. They play a critical role in the success of mining operations.


In order to avoid equipment problems before they happen, planned maintenance services in mining entail arranging routine maintenance operations at predetermined intervals. Compared to reactive maintenance, which includes fixing equipment only when it breaks down, this strategy is more cost- and time-efficient. Inspections, cleaning, and the replacement of worn-out or damaged parts are all included in planned maintenance duties. Mining firms can contract with other organisations for planned maintenance services who have the knowledge, tools, and resources to carry them out quickly and effectively. Furthermore offered are predictive maintenance services that use data analysis and sensors to forecast equipment faults and plan maintenance appropriately. Overall, scheduled maintenance services are essential for extending the lifespan of mining equipment, minimising downtime, and increasing output.